Welcome to North Cariboo Saw Repair

Serving  British Columbia and Alberta for over 25 years.  We are your
complete source for Roundsaw and Bandsaw Service and Sales.  We
have a fully certified saw shop and our commitment to quality is
second to none.

Come Visit us for:

Roundsaw and Bandsaw Sales and Service
V-Top Carbide Trim Saw Sales and Service
Hammering and Sharpening of all saws and household tools
Diamond saws
Carbide grinding
Knife grinding (Planer, Chipper, Paper & Zamboni, Metal
Shears, Carbide)
Chipper and Planer Knife Sales
Processor saws, Styre, Headsaw, Bit and Shank, etc...
Chainsaw sharpening
Used Filing Room Equipment Sales (see website pages,        e-
mail or phone for a list and pictures)
Carbide Recycling at approximately $5.00/lb

We gladly service and sell all types of Industrial, Household,  Carpentry and Cabinetry Saws and Knives.

Contact us for a complete list of services!


To get in touch with us you can call us at:        

Toll-free:        1-877-737-8951
Local:              (250) 992-9119  

or email at:       northcariboosaw@gmail.com   

Visit us at:     North Cariboo Saw Repair
                        2680 Campbell Crescent
                        Quesnel, B.C.
                        V2J 5Z9

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